Volunteer of the Month: Bob Welch

If ever there was a model of the humility and commitment that servant leadership requires, Bob Welch is that person.

SonRise Church would like to recognize Bob as this month’s Volunteer of the Month. He has been a part of SonRise Church for ten years, serving in just about every capacity possible. Whether he’s helping out in the parking lot, greeting members at the door, collecting communion or helping new families find their church home, Bob does whatever SonRise Church needs to function at its best. Parking lot

In addition to meeting whatever need SonRise has, Bob has been quick to take on leadership roles, bringing stability to the church and how it operates daily. Bob’s official role at SonRise is leading both the Connect and First Impression teams. “I love being a part of the SonRise family, and I want to give back as so many have given to me,” Bob said about why he serves at SonRise.

As a part of the First Impressions team, Bob said his goal is to “help new families walking through the door feel welcome and loved and, hopefully, want to take a step closer to knowing Christ.” Because of Bob and his team, many have come to find a place to worship and fellowship within the walls of SonRise Church.

One thing that’s clear about Bob is that he allows God to use his gifts and talents to bring others closer to Christ. Although Bob spends countless hours helping SonRise grow, it’s his daily life where Bob really makes the most of each and every hour. On a typical day, Bob wakes up at 4:45 a.m., goes to work where he starts the day with a workout class. After work, you might find Bob refereeing soccer or going out to a movie with his wife.

Still, it’s at SonRise that Bob really feels connected and at home. “I love being a part of the SonRise family,” Bob said.

SonRise Church is thankful for Bob’s willingness to live out the SonRise mission of helping others take next steps with Jesus. If you see Bob around church, make sure to greet him with the kindness he shows so many every Sunday.


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