70 Families Recieve Special Gift For Thanksgiving

With age comes wisdom. So when people proclaim that the giver actually receives more than the receiver, it’s naturally hard to grasp at first. The reality is, SonRise Church’s members were recently blessed when they decided to provide 70 complimentary Thanksgiving meals for struggling local families. Each family was given a large frozen turkey, green beans, yams, potatoes, cornbread, cranberries, stuffing, corn and a chocolate cake! We even had our little ones make homemade Thanksgiving cards.

SonRise’s volunteers personally packed and delivered the meals to each family’s front door. However, solely ringing the doorbell and leaving wasn’t on our agenda.  Instead, our church family asked local families ‘How can we be praying for you?’.  We understood that God was using our church to fill bellies while also uplifting spirits this Thanksgiving. We wanted our community to know that we care not only about people’s physical needs but also their spiritual needs. It blessed us to be able to share the most powerful tool, which is PRAYER!

Delivering meals
SonRise volunteer, Steven Nelson delivering Thanksgiving meal to Alesha and her family.


So how was this event a blessing for its volunteers? Check out what a few of our volunteers said below. Event Coordinator Randy Hill stated “I have always felt it is better to give than receive. I receive extreme joy from serving and am so grateful for SonRise.” James Dick, a SonRise Church volunteer, expressed, “I’m serving at this event today in order to help people that need to be loved on. I love our community, and God clearly tells us that we need to bless others. I’m here today to bless someone else.” Becky Drummond, another volunteer, said, “During this time of year we want everyone to know that they are loved and cared for. I’d like to be a small part in blessing someone else’s life.”


We wish we could share all of the testimonies from our volunteers at our Thanksgiving Outreach. However, please know that God is using the local church in order to do wonderful things in your community. SonRise Church won’t stop sharing the love of Christ and is on mission to help others take their next steps with Jesus… even if that means serving one turkey at a time!



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