Praise God:Multiple Salvations Occurred at Camp Hoopla!

If you didn’t already know, we had tons of fun this year with our kids at Camp Hoopla! This camp is specifically designed for children to experience fun, creative, and interactive experiences with Jesus.  By participating in engaging activities such as Nerf Wars, recreational games, and Kitchen Chaos, great memories and new friendships were formed. Students even experienced a special visit from Cool Critters-an outreach program that shared some of God’s coolest creatures; including frogs, lizards, snakes, bearded dragons, tortoises, and even a ferret.

Some of our kiddos shared their favorite moments with us:

Jaydah, age 9, expressed, “I’ve enjoyed making lots of crafts!  I also loved when Cool Critters came to visit.”

Andrew, age 7, said, “Nerf Wars was my favorite. I actually wish I got to play it more this week.”

Cora, age 6, told us, “Snack time is always my favorite. It was neat to learn about Jesus too!”

Most importantly, children learned about Jesus. Thanks to our incredible volunteers, each and every child was able to take a next step with Jesus. We praise God for the 10 children who decided to place their faith in Jesus Christ at Camp Hoopla! It is for this reason that SonRise plans & prepares for Camp Hoopla year after year. No matter the age, every person deserves to take their next steps with Jesus.  IMG_1411

Our camp volunteers witnessed some amazing things with our kids as well:

Our SonRise Student Ministry Coordinator, Spencer Hogan says, “The best thing I’ve seen at Camp Hoopla is watching our young-teenage leaders step up and mentor our younger children into a more deeper relationship with Christ.”

Volunteer Julie Parker says, “It has been so touching to see all of the children showing God’s love to one another.”

Youth volunteer, Brooklyn Drummond shares, “Camp Hoopla offers something called Kitchen Chaos. During Kitchen Chaos, tasty/creative snacks are served to the kids while they hear an exciting Bible story.  I love how Camp Hoopla tells the Gospel to young children in fun and creative ways. There is nothing boring about Camp Hoopla and that is what I love!”

Bailey Drummond, who also volunteered this week says, “I’ve had so much fun encouraging and witnessing children embracing their creativity during all the art sessions at the Camp Hoopla.  I personally love helping others be their creative selves.”



At SonRise we believe in irrational generosity, so kids at Camp Hoopla were also taught about sharing our blessings with others!  We decided to challenge our kiddos to collect money for Cure International.  This wonderful organization provides medical care for some of the neediest children in the poorest parts of the world.  Through the involvement of our participants, we were able to donate $200 to Cure International.

We are grateful for the opportunity and privilege to share in our kid’s next steps with Jesus through Camp Hoopla. Please consider joining us as we look forward to doing it again next year!


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