July Volunteer Spotlight

SonRise Church would like to spotlight one of our many wonderful volunteers this month. Our volunteers embody what it means to be a faithful part of our church family, demonstrating our values while helping us serve our mission of helping everyone take their next steps with Jesus.

For the month of July, we recognize Tricia Moore!  She has been a member of SonRise Church for 7 years, sharing her time and talent on a weekly basis.  She began by serving with children in the nursery and toddler room.  After a few years, Tricia felt called to serve on the Communications Team as God laid it on her heart to help improve communications within her church body. Today, as she continues to serve on our Communication Team, she is also a leader on our First Impressions Team.  The First Impressions Team exists to ensure that members and guests receive a loving, welcoming, and positive experience at SonRise Church.  Volunteers on the First Impressions Team can be found greeting in the parking lot, opening the front doors for every guest, and acting as ushers in the worship auditorium. This team is passionate about the initial impression of new guests as well as helping them take their next step with Jesus.  Most recently, Tricia has also been serving on the Lead Pastor Search Team.  Through her efforts in these many areas, Tricia actively helps SonRise Church live out our value of excellence.

Tricia at Desk
Tricia working at the Connection Center on Sunday morning helping members get connected.

Tricia states that what she loves most about SonRise is the creativity and intentionalitly that goes into planning our Sunday worship experiences.  Her favorite thing is our sermon series format, which involves themed messages carried over several weeks. The sermon series provides our church family with more time to dig deeper into biblical topics.

In addition, Tricia also expressed her appreciation for SonRise’s efforts on offering Next Step Classes, as well as marriage and parenting courses. The material she received from these classes is frequently reviewed & implemented in her household.

Tricia serving
Tricia living out our value of being relational at SonRise Church.

Looking toward the future, Tricia hopes that the next five years bring continued growth for the community at SonRise Church.  No matter the age or stage in life, she wants every person who comes to SonRise to feel cherished & loved not only by God, but by our church family. Specifically, Tricia hopes to be that special person who helps everyone at SonRise find their God-given place to serve.

When Tricia isn’t serving as an outstanding volunteer at SonRise, she treasures her role as a wife and mother to two children – Charlie who is 8, and Libby who is 2 and a half.  She and her family live in Mt. Lookout. Of all the things that Tricia has done in her life, she considers her greatest accomplishment being a good mom and wife. She has also been a teacher for 23 years, serving her community as a math teacher at Walnut Hills, and doesn’t show any signs of slowing down.  In her free time, she is passionate about swimming.  She shared that after being severely injured in a car accident in her junior year of college, she discovered swimming as a low impact exercise that helped her feel weightless. Swimming is also a hobby that helps her clear her mind, making her feel great both mentally & physically. Tricia also enjoys cooking and hanging out with her friends. When asked to share one weird thing about her that not many people know, Tricia shared that she is obsessed with peanut butter – she loves anything and everything with peanut butter!

Tricia & Family
Tricia and her family.

SonRise Church is  grateful for Tricia and all that she has brought to our church family.  We are happy to have this opportunity to share how much she is appreciated. It has been a pleasure to spotlight her contributions in this month’s Volunteer Spotlight. When you see Tricia, please take a moment to congratulate and thank her for all she does for the SonRise Family.


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