Lovely Twist At Recent Ladies’ Picnic

Thank you to all who attended our Annual Ladies’ Picnic on Sunday! The ladies of SonRise Church gathered off campus for a fun and relaxing evening of friendship and fellowship.  We enjoyed great food and rewarding conversations.

The gathering started out with a wonderful spread of food!  Imagine a fresh salad bar with endless toppings such as chicken, tomatoes, onion, cilantro, and berries, just as a start. We can’t forget to mention the fresh squeezed lemonade with iced tea on the side for Arnold Palmers.


With our light, fresh, and flavorful salads and cold drinks in hand, women were invited to sit outside at a variety of picnic tables. The shady peaceful outdoor scenery was a treat all in itself. To make it even more special, each picnic table was dressed with adorable table cloths and fresh flowers on top.  In the center of each picnic table was bread, oil, and salt & pepper for dipping.  For dessert, we enjoyed homemade blackberry & peach cobbler topped with creamy vanilla bean ice cream. Although the food was outstanding, the scenery was beautiful & the decorations were on point; it was the incredible women that surrounded each table that truly made this event special.


Following dinner it became story time! Picture 40 women around a large indoor fireplace ready to listen to a powerful testimony. This emotionally touching story was delivered by SonRise member, Sonia Martin. Sonia, an extremely talented quilter, took the “stage” to share her recent experience with God.  She had a favorite quilt she had always wanted to keep & display in her own home, but she felt God nudging her to give this, her very best piece of work, away. Not knowing who she was supposed to give her best quilt to, Sonia prayed & wondered. Then the day came & the clarity of God’s voice told Sonia to give her most precious masterpiece to Jeff & Valarie Arington. Who are Jeff & Valarie Arington, you may ask? This powerful couple has been leading SonRise Church voluntarily for 17+ years.  The best thing about this story is that while Sonia was sharing her story, Valarie was in the audience listening. Valarie was completely shocked & overwhelmed when she discovered Sonia’s best quilting work was being placed into her hands.  There was not a dry eye in the room. Through Sonia’s story, everyone learned that sometimes God asks us to do out of the ordinary things in order to bless others.

Sonia hugging Valarie Arington after she presented her best quilt at the Ladies’ Picnic.

This picnic was truly a wonderful time to connect and provided the perfect opportunity for all who attended to get to know each other on a more personal level. The following are quotes of a few of our women who wanted to share their experience at the Ladies’ Picnic.

IMG_1942 2

“I love the events, like the ladies’ picnic, where I can get to know the ladies I see on Sundays better through fellowship and shared activities.  Also, the food was wonderful, and the setting was very peaceful and relaxing.”   Ann Gillen

“It’s always exciting to be with the women of our church community.  It’s such a comforting, light, and fun interaction. You can see the faces of the women as they are trying to discern what God is asking them as far as leading and serving at SonRise – that is the most exciting part for me!”  Tricia Moore


“I always love our women’s gatherings. The Ladies Picnic gave me the opportunity to step away from the busyness of life and enjoy the company of both new and old friends. I’m thankful for the relationships I have formed with the ladies of SonRise.”  Marissa Szabo

Our mission here at SonRise Church is “Helping people take next steps with Jesus”, and sharing in fellowship is one of the most important ways to serve this mission.  Building relationships with each other strengthens our church family so that we can better serve out our mission in our surrounding communities, country, and world.


If you missed this year’s Ladies’ Picnic, we strongly encourage you to make it a priority to attend our upcoming Ladies’ Gatherings. Our church family is filled with wonderful women who make SonRise a warm and welcoming place to take your next steps with Jesus. Join with us, all are welcome!



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