16 Children Recently Prayed To Receive Christ

God has worked in miraculous ways this summer at SonRise’s Elevate Basketball Camp and Camp Hoopla, with 16 campers praying to receive Christ! Summer time can be an extremely busy time for families. And, despite the business of the season, God did incredible things at two of SonRise’s summer camps that is worth sharing.

Elevate 2017

Earlier in June, dribbling, dunking, and scoring points at SonRise’s Elevate Basketball Camp wasn’t all that God had in store. In fact, God worked in extraordinary ways by bringing a multitude of 1st-7th graders into our facility to learn proper basketball techniques.  Nine of those campers left with the ultimate trophy: receiving Christ!  READ MORE ABOUT ELEVATE


Last week, however, seven children left Camp Hoopla having prayed the salvation prayer. We are overwhelmed with joy and thankfulness that God utilized multiple volunteers, creative decorations, energetic music, crafts, games and more to speak into the hearts of multiple children. That’s not all. God did more than just save seven souls at Camp Hoopla. In fact, Camp Hoopla campers raised $150 in three short days for Cure International. Cure International is a non-profit organization that operates charitable hospitals and programs in 29 countries worldwide where patients experience the life-changing message of God’s love for them, receiving surgical treatment regardless of gender, religion, or ethnicity.

Hoopla Jumping

SonRise Church is thankful that our two summer camps helped multiple children take next steps with Jesus. Please help us share the great news of what God is doing in our church, community, and world.







Volunteer Of The Month: Paris Cox

SonRise Church would like to recognize Paris Cox as our next Volunteer Of The Month. We have selected Paris because of his faithfulness in volunteering at multiple outreach events, gatherings, and functions at SonRise Church. Not just that, Paris has recently taken on a larger commitment by overseeing our Life Group Ministry at SonRise. Paris Cox

At SonRise we believe that life is not meant to be lived alone. We have been created to experience life with other people. That’s why at SonRise, we encourage you to join a Life Group. In this smaller group setting, you’ll hang out, study the Word and pray together. The goal of joining a group is to grow in your walk with Jesus while surrounded by people who support you in your journey. Therefore, Paris plays a huge role in managing a ministry that means so much to us.

In an interview with Paris, we asked him his plans for our Life Group Ministry, and he expressed, “My plans/goal for life groups is to help maintain and grow the overall experience of being in a life group. I’ll do this by providing new tools and teaching ideas for the current leaders. In addition, my goal is to add new leaders and help attendees find a group that’s right for them.”

We also asked Paris, ‘Why do you serve at SonRise?’ He stated, “I love God and His son Jesus Christ, and all that His word has done for me in my life! And that’s why I enjoy serving at SonRise. It’s quite rewarding for me to see others grow and experience the joy of the Gospel.”

Outside of faithfully volunteering at SonRise, you can find Paris jogging, hiking and listening to music. For his career, Paris provides wireless support as an IT for Executive Jet Management, helping pilots, flight attendants, aircraft mechanics and office employees.

Although Paris lives a busy life, we are thankful for his willingness and dedication to helping SonRise attendees — as well as our community and world — take next steps with Jesus. Paris plays a crucial role in helping make SonRise Church not just a place to go but a home for so many. If you are interested in finding a life group or becoming a life group leader, please contact Paris Cox at lifegroups@sonrise-church.com .

9 Accept Christ @ Local Basketball Camp

Dribbling, dunking, and scoring points at SonRise’s recent Elevate Basketball Camp wasn’t all that God had in store. In fact, God worked in miraculous ways by bringing a multitude of 1st-7th graders into our facility to learn proper basketball techniques.  Nine of those campers left with the ultimate trophy: receiving Christ!

SonRise Church’s mission is to help people take next steps with Jesus Christ. This means it doesn’t matter who you are, where you come from or what you have or haven’t done in life. We want to help you connect with God and grow in your relationship with Christ while serving God and others. In honor of this, we want to celebrate the nine salvations that just occurred at our Elevate Basketball Camp.  God is doing incredible things at SonRise!  Elevate 2017

SonRise Church values intentionality, because intentionality enables excellence. We pray, plan, invest, create and serve to fulfill our mission. It is for this reason that we saturate everything we do in prayer. Although regular basketball camps are fun, we wanted ours to shine God’s truth and love to our campers. Through our intentionality in sharing the gospel and basketball techniques at Elevate, nine children now have a permanent home in heaven.

This is what it’s all about folks! We are ecstatic that nine children were saved at Elevate Basketball Camp!  Please be praying for our upcoming Camp Hoopla so our church can make a mighty impact on even more children. As always, feel free to share this amazing news with others!